Other organizations that are trying to achieve similar results
Fund Raising ideas
  • Local Corporations and Industry
  • Local Civic Organizations
  • Private Foundations -
  • Public Charities -
  • Government Grants - state and federal
  • Traditional fundraiser
    • CPR training/pledges
    • Walkathon
    • home and garden tour
    • bake sale
    • car wash
    • holiday or seasonal event
    • pancake breakfast or spaghetti supper
    • refreshment stand at local sports event
    • golf tournament
    • write letters to the editor of the local paper asking for donations
    • ask local churches or medical centers for donations
  • School funding ideas
    • charge $1 more for sports events
    • pass the cost onto parents
    • teacher/staff screening subsidizes student screening
    • negotiate lower insurance cost for teachers if school performs screenings
    • booster club