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Cypress ECG in the news - Houston Chronicle

posted Aug 24, 2011, 10:09 AM by Pat Shuff

"The coaches argue with me all the time. They say band is not a sport, but we're just as competitive as they are," said Worthing High band director Renferd Joseph, a Jack Yates High band alumnus and a former member of Texas Southern University's Ocean of Soul. "High-step marching is even more intense. I believe we condition harder than the football team. They're not carrying a 30-pound tuba or sousaphone on their backs or a 20-pound snare drum on their chests. And you're steady blowing hot air. You're sweating and then you've got a wool uniform on from head to toe. The only difference is they have physical contact."

To help monitor the health of band members, as well as other students with exertion and exposure similar to athletes, some school districts, including Huffman Independent School District, are requiring heart screenings. Others, such as the Houston Independent School District, have instituted heat restrictions on outdoor practices that apply to athletes and marching band members, district spokeswoman Denisse Cantu said.