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Cypress ECG Project in the news

posted Apr 20, 2010, 8:52 PM by Pat Shuff   [ updated Apr 20, 2010, 9:35 PM ]
March 20, 2010 - Online Journal of the American College of Cardiology - http://content.onlinejacc.org/cgi/reprint/55/10_MeetingAbstracts/A134.E1259.pdf 
   " It is a common practice worldwide to screen athletes for risk of sudden death (SCD) with an ECG. Other investigator have shown a 90% reduction in SCD by this method. Fee for service payment in the US has not made this possible due to the cost. Our group has identified a very low cost method of such screening."

  "Dr. Thomas DeBauche, cardiologist at Cypress Cardiology PA, volunteered to do physicals for Cypress-Fairbanks ISD athletes and ended up saving lives."

   "Research presented at the American Heart Assocation’s annual meeting suggested an inexpensive screening method to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac arrest among high school athletes. Researchers had athletic trainers at 10 Houston-area high schools use a laptop system to perform EKGs on student athletes. The test results were transmitted to a cardiologist for analysis."

   "Cost issues should no longer keep electrocardiograms out of most schools' efforts to screen student athletes for potentially fatal heart problems, researchers said here."

   "A new, inexpensive screening method could help reduce the risk for sudden cardiac death among high school athletes, U.S. researchers report."

Nov 15, 2009 - American Heart Association - http://americanheart.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=54&item=428 
   "Athletic trainers in 10 Houston high schools took part in a new inexpensive screening method that may reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death in athletes."

   "Prevention of sudden death in athletes has been a difficult to achieve goal in the United States. In CypressFairbanks ISD we have utilized a novel method of screening of athletes in a large and progressive school district in the suburbs of Houston. Our 10 high schools were each given a laptop based ECG system and athletic trainers in each school performed and transmitted to a cardiologist an ECG on freshman athletes whose parents agreed to have them screened (2057/2148.) There were 186 abnormal ECG’s among these and in all but 13 screening echo’s were performed."

May 13, 2008 - Houston Chronicle - http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/moms/5777937.html 
  "Freshman athletes in the Cypress-Fairbanks school district next year will be given free heart screenings to determine whether they are at risk for sudden cardiac death, which took the lives of several Houston-area students during the last year."